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A selection of the Services we provide include:
  • Corporate expansion

  • Property and Facility Management Services - we offer our Estate Management Service which encompasses all types of building and allied work plus refurbishment and routine maintenance contracts on a single or multi site basis.

  • Corporate turnaround and recovery

  • Staff management including help with the recruitment process, training and motivation, appraisals, development, and even disciplinary process.

  • Buying and Selling Businesses. Whatever the motive there will come a time when you want to either expand or consolidate through buying or selling a business. Both of these are daunting processes and you will need a full team of advisors. This will probably be one of the most stress full and time consuming processes you will go through in your business career.

  • We can help you throughout the process and help you achieve your objectives.

  • Accounting functions from bookkeeping to preparation of accounts, business planning and development, finding, negotiating and managing suppliers, client cash flow and helping you overcome the various hurdles which are regularly being thrown up in the daily running our clients' business.

  • Business Plans, Budgeting and Forecasting. You may know what you want but not how to get the actual answer presented on paper. A business plan is essential if you need to raise finance or present your company in an effective manner which will help you to communicate your business objectives to your staff, customers and suppliers.

  • Company Formation, VAT, PAYE, Domain Names, Bank Accounts, Accounting Systems. When you want to get your new business moving you need someone to help you deal with all these aspects which you may find daunting.

All services offered at competitive rates with the initial meeting at no cost!

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